ESP: Science Direct

For those of you who work with ESP (aimed to master's and/or doctor's degree) and need to look for academic papers to elaborate your lessons, a good tool is Science Direct. It's the best website I know with thousands of papers available for reading and printing.

You can browse by journal, author, or keywords. Not all of them are free (those that are are marked as "open access" and you can find them using the advanced search), but sometimes all you need is their abstract. ;) You don't need to register to have access to them. If you are member of an institution, it may grant you access to full articles.

Visit the website:Science Direct

Free Resource: "All Things Grammar"

This is one of my absolute favorites to go to when I need fun worksheets as extra activities to practice grammar with students of all ages. It's very easy to find what you want and the author provides a variety of exercises for every grammar topic, all of which you can download for free!

There are quizzes, puzzles, crosswords, board games, questions & answers, fill-in-the-blanks, charts, multiple choice, conversation practice and many more! The author also provides ideas for using them in class.

All Things Grammar is definitely one of the best free resources around, and I strongly recommend you check it out!

Visit the Website:All Things Grammar

Tips: "Daily Writing Tips"

For those of you who also work with translation or are writers, or if you need a good resource for teaching writing skills in English, or even if you need help with some tricky idioms, Daily Writing Tips is an excellent place to run to. 
It provides daily articles on grammar rules, idioms, vocabulary use, spelling, punctuation, style, and also tips on writing fiction or business content, and on being a freelance writer. There are also quizzes with which you can test a skill yourself or your students, with answers and explanations.

You may choose to subscribe to the newsletters and receive their daily tips by e-mail - however, it seems that as of now you have to pay for it, with some nice bonuses if you do. I subscribed to this website many years ago, when it was free of charge, and I keep getting their newsletters every day. Nonetheless, you still have free access to the website and may browse their extensive archive to make use of it as you please. If you wish to check out what they…

Open Marketplace: Teachers Pay Teachers

The amazing thing about TPT is that, unlike many other collaborative websites, you don't have to upload files in order to download others. You only need to register for a free account and there you have it: unlimited access to everything in store! And what's more: You can download loads of activities that teachers all over the world allow you to get free of charge
At Teachers Pay Teachers you can find thousands of activities not only for your English language classes, but also by many other subjects (Math, History, Arts, Science, other languages, and many more). You just have to filter your search for subject, grade and price, and that's it! There are lots of enjoyable free activities for just about anything. You can rate every download you make, and also buy (at low prices) more complete activities to help teachers who work hard on making them. And, if you have anything you made yourself, you can always put them up for sale there, too. ;)

I have taken a lot of free res…

Free Resource: "Breaking News English"

I can't tell how many times this Sean Banville's website has helped me with my reading comprehension classes!
Divided into level categories, there are thousands of lessons covering the news on current worldwide events. Each whole lesson takes up to one hour, but you also have shorter options for each one of them, both of which you can download (in PDF) and print for free. And you can always take a look at the lessons before you download them, since they all are available online, too.

Besides that, there are listening activities for each lesson as well! And you can choose if you want the texts read in American ou British English, as well as the speed. Last but not least, there are tons of games you can play based on each lesson, divided by the skills you may want to practice: grammar, spelling, or vocabulary.
I always use these lessons as additional material for my ESP classes; they save me a lot of time and are super fun! This website is a must-have in your resources. Be sure…

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